Welcome to La Marinade

Here at La Marinade bad tempered chef Nick Lang is not particularly ambitious, he doesn’t want to create a brand or establish a chain, he is not trying to create an empire, he is not expecting to be rich anytime soon, he doesn’t want to publish a book, be a local celebrity, get on television or be a kitchen nightmare. He just loves cooking and shouting a lot, in fact he likes cooking so much that he won't let anybody else do it in his kitchen, he prepares every plate himself.

That’s why when you eat at La Marinade you know that you are going to get exciting top quality ingredients cooked by a chef who is passionate about what he does, with 30 years international experience. Oh and you might hear some shouting.

So, as the media has decided that this year is the year that we all lose our houses and the world enters a massive recession, Nick has decided in the interest of making sure he has loads of people to cook for to offer a couple of menus that are such incredibly good value they will have you reaching, for the phone saying “by jingo darling we’d better jolly well get down to la marinade and take advantage of their incredibly good value offer".

"a fusion of french cooking with influences of spanish and italian cuisines"



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