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7 Best Food Souvenirs and Where to Get Them

Food, from gourmet or artisanal products to convenience store snacks, is just one of the best souvenirs to bring home with you from a trip. With so many possible choices from each place you visit, here are some of the top picks that should be on your list.

Belgian Chocolates – Brussels
Neuhaus Brussels
Home to some of the finest chocolates in the world, Brussels is teeming with chocolate shops and specialty stores. Take your pick from among the country’s many known chocolate brands and artisanal chocolatiers.

Chilli Crab Paste – Singapore
Chili crab is one Singapore’s most famous culinary offerings. The dish is something you cannot easily forget and may even crave for once back in the comforts of your home. The chili crab paste makes the best souvenir if you want to enjoy the flavors of the popular Singaporean dish.

Chinese tea leaves – Hong Kong
tea leaf
Hong Kong is a city food lovers will adore. The amazing selections of foods visitors can enjoy are simply too many to savor in one trip. It may be tough to find which treat to bring home with you. But quality Chinese tea leaves that you can easily find around the city would be a great choice.

Japanese Kit Kat – Tokyo
Japanese Kit Kat
Japan has an amazing array of food you can take home as souvenirs which makes choosing just one extremely tough. But in the unfortunate occasion that you can really pick one type of food to bring home with you, go for the Japanese Kit Kats like Green Tea (Matcha) Kit Kat, Japanese Sake Kit Kat, Strawberry Kit Kat, Wasabi Kit Kat, and so much more.

Macarons – Paris
Pierre Hermé macarons
Paris is a culinary adventure destination in its own right. With an amazing array of food to choose from, the City of Light’s macarons would be a delightful and delectable choice. Some of the finest you can find at Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, Gerard Mulot, Sadaharu Aoki, and Dalloyau among others.

Stroopwafels – Amsterdam
Cheese may seem like the most obvious choice given all the different types of delicious cheeses you can find in the city. But picking the right one to bring home with you can be tricky if you consider the possible airline restrictions. Stroopwafels, however, are not only widely available at stores around the city. The delicious and chewy treat can be actually addicting, especially if paired with a hot mug of coffee or tea.

Turkish Delight – Istanbul
Turkish Delight
The possibilities seem endless when it comes to finding food souvenirs in Istanbul. Spi6ces, Turkish coffee, tea, baklava, and other delicious treats abound. But if you have to settle for one, Turkish delight in a wide variety of flavors would not be a bad choice.


5 Best Airports for Food Lovers

Not all airports may provide the best dining experiences for weary travelers. But according to the Skytrax 2017 Award for “World’s Best Airport Dining Experience”, here are some of the airports in the world where you can look forward to a great meal.

1. Hong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong International Airport
The food experience: A wide selection of dining options including high-quality restaurants not to mention the delicious traditional Chinese dishes you can try

2. Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport
The food experience: Consistent winner of the world’s best airport award, Changi Airport is home an extensive selection of great tasting eats. From its food courts to cafes and restaurants, you will find plenty of multi-cultural cuisines to choose from.

3. Tokyo Narita Airport (Narita International Airport)
Tokyo Narita Airport
The food experience: Choosing from among the drool-worthy selections of foods in Tokyo Narita is tough. But you cannot go wrong with scrumptious Japanese cuisines like sushi and ramen among many others.

4. Seoul Incheon Airport
Seoul Incheon Airport
The food experience: There is no dearth of choices on where or what to eat when in Seoul Incheon. In fact, it would be tempting to linger and taste the wide array of food and snacks you will find here. From authentic Korean dishes to fast food or convenience store treats, you will find many delicious options to choose from.

5. Doha Hamad International Airport
Doha Hamad International Airport
The food experience: Hamad International Airport jumped to 5th from its 10th place ranking in 2016. The airport offers a wide range of options — from gourmet to fast food meals and a lot more in between. Some of the best food fines are the Arabic, Indian, and Italian dishes you can eat at the airport’s many restaurants.


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